SHAKULIMBA initiiert mit den LIMBA◊SERIES eine Serie von transdisziplinären Kollaborationen mit Gästen aus unterschiedlichsten Kunst-, Sport- und Wissenschaftsgattungen. Inzwischen haben wir mit Filmemachern, Teemeistern, Jazz- und Volksmusikern, Yin Yoga Lehrerinnen und Märchenerzählerinnen zusammengearbeitet – und freuen uns auf neue, kreative Vorschläge !

SHAKULIMBA meets Yin Yoga teacher Christiane Lienhart.

Yin Yoga is a very gentle and slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. It is a meditative approach to yoga and employs specific sequences of poses aimed at stimulating particular meridians as understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Screen-Shot-2018-06-22-at-9.49.01-AMSHAKULIMBA meets documentary film,
writing the score to the movie ROSETSU, commissioned by Museum Rietberg Zürich.

Nagasawa Rosetsu (長沢芦雪, 1754–1799) was an 18th-century (Edo period) Japanese painter of the Maruyama School, known for his versatile style. He was born to the family of a low-ranking samurai. He incorporated aspects of Western realism into Japanese themes.

As legend has it, he accomplished the monumental paintings of a tiger and a dragon, both symbols for the original life force of mankind and nature, on the walls of the central worship hall in the Zen temple Muryōji in one single night. These icons of Japanese paintings left its country of origin for the first time to feature prominently in an exclusive exhibition at the Rietberg Museum Zurich.


SHAKULIMBA meets Swiss folk music and jazz ensemble JÜTZ.

We had a lot of fun rehearsing and performing with the excellent musicians of JÜTZ at Tonhalle Zürich and LenzburgiadeIt never occurred to us that this could be an absurd clash of civilizations – and the blend of Swiss folk music, jazz and japanese zen music turned out to be a perfect match !


SHAKULIMBA meets story telling,
with Dina Nora Felder Wasserfallen, who mixed Japanese stories into our music, but told them in a very rustic Swiss-German language.





initie avec ses LIMBA◊SERIES une série de collaborations transdisciplinaires avec divers invités de disciplines artistiques, sportives et scientifiques. Nous avons déjà travaillé avec des réalisateurs, des maîtres de thé, des musiciens de jazz et de musique folklorique, des profs de Yin Yoga et des conteuses – et nous sommes toujours ouverts à toutes propositions nouvelles et créatives!

SHAKULIMBA initiates with its LIMBA◊SERIES a series of transdisciplinary collaborations with guests from all kinds of artistic, athletic and scientific dis
ciplines. So far we have worked with film makers, tea masters, jazz- and traditional folk musicians, Yin Yoga teachers and storytellers – and we are always open for new, creative suggestions!